Kalim Mabrouki

Managing Director - Flight Ops


Kalim Mabrouki is a professional Pilot based in Western Canada, with experience launching & managing flight schools & charter airlines. Raised in Tanger, Kalim started flight simulation in 2008 with a hard copy of X-Plane 7 bought in a trip to Spain. Since then, Kalim has been fueled by his passion in aviation to pursue a career as a commercial pilot and the aviation business world. 

Kalim believes that flight simulation was his main bridge on what it's been a successful aviation career, taking him to places he would have never imagined, fly multi-million machines safely around Canada and beyond!

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Elyazid Benmoussa

Managing Director - Human Resources


Elyazid became a prodigious flight simmer in 2016. He currently studies Aircraft Engineering at Airbus in Toulouse (France) and he is working towards his Private Pilot License.



Mehdi Bennis

Managing Director - PR & Head of ATC


Mehdi has been an aviation passionate for more than half a decade. He was the former ATC Training Director of the now-extinct Vatsim Morocco. 

He is currently based in the Chicago area dedicating his time to the field of microbiology. He plans to get his PPL soon.


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